Day-to-day living with the Cloud-computing


Technology has come a long way already in our modern world. We live where we are supported and surrounded by technology. It has been part of our everyday living. Even in our workplace, technology is the most essential part of every business. Every transaction nowadays was run by our modern technology. Because of this, there are many information technology companies around the world offering different products and services.

Nowadays, there are information technology companies wherein they provide hardware, software, and cloud-based services. But what are these kinds of services? How does it help in our day-to-day living? Do we need to use a cloud-computing service? And what are the benefits it brings to our businesses?

Hardware services – Maintenance of the hardware and support services are critical. This is where the software services will be put in. The most essential service to the hardware should be a preventive service. It is easier to prevent any damages and problems rather than to do an action in response to the problem. Also, there are remedial services that include physical repair and optimizing hardware. In also includes telephone troubleshooting, assistance for set-up, and hardware upgrades. The most common hardware service we know is the “computer hardware service”. It consists of the physical parts of a computer wherein it includes fans, hard disk drives, power supply, keyboards, mouse and printers.

Software services – This service includes remote troubleshooting and support. Also, installation assistance, new product installation services and product updates are included in this service. Some of the software products that need help include the operating systems and software subscription and licensing.

Cloud-based services – Nowadays, it is the most common demand of the companies. It provides solutions to help companies in IT operations. It includes Web-based email services, online data storage, technical support services, managing database, backing up solutions,  servers, and many more.

On these services, most people do not have an idea about the “Cloud Service”. We are not aware that it is found everywhere. It is said that it is related to the internet. Do you know that “” is considered as a cloud service? It is because people upload data to “Facebook”.  A service is considered as a cloud service when it is delivered via the internet and must run over the internet.

Today, competition among companies were arising. Their goal is to offer a fast and effective solution to the problems of individual, group, and big companies nowadays. The different platforms have been transforming our world, and it is changing every minute. The needs of the services in technology arise. Today, one of the useful functions that we can get is the IBM iSeries Cloud. Through this, we can have solutions to our technology problems.