Free Video Downloading Apps for Everyone on Android

Free Video Downloading Apps for Everyone on Android

There are so many things that you can do for your entertainment these days. The foremost thing is watching videos and movies. You can find refined and excellent content these days. But if you think that you do not have enough options in videos and movies then you are surely misled. In this post you would come across the video downloading apps that are changing experiences from bad to excellent for people. Have a look at some of the apps below:


Android video Downloader (AVD) is an apt application that has much easy to use interface. The application permits you to download any type of videos from varied sites. You can easily watch and download any flash videos with it. The video application is free and you can quickly browse videos and download them in the app. the application tracks the current downloading status. Unfortunately, there is one downside of this application that it is not well-matched with YouTube. Otherwise, the application is a win-win option for anybody.

Media Tap

This is another thrilling application for downloading videos. Media Tap is believed to be one of the most brilliant downloading platforms for Android. As the name says it all, you can easily download any media file. You can download even any kind of photo, mp3, document or video file using media tap. In this manner you not just get the videos that you like but all other documents as well that you might crave for.

Vidmate app

It is an amazing application for everyone. Once you do Vidmate download, you are going to experience a rich stream of videos and movies right away. Moreover, the application has all the features that a lay man might want to have. Whether watching or downloading; you get everything for free. The app has all the formats and resolutions for the users and the platforms it is linked to for your content are in plenty too. Whether Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion or any other platform, you can get all the content from all these platforms for free.

Media Clip Pro

It gets you the most professional approach to experiencing the desired videos anywhere at any time. You can conveniently download any kind of media like videos, photos, documents, and even music. You can easily save the streamed videos that might be available later in the offline mode too. You should try it because it has aneasy to use interface that leads to faster browsing.

Free video downloader

It is somewhat popular among Android users. Although it is not really compatible with YouTube and it does not have a catchy interface, but it has an edge with its abilities. It gives you the resume option in downloading. You can also easily download multiple files at once with FVD. Further, you can also place private videos under coded security too. In this manner you get your own personal zone of videos in your device. Nobody can mess up with that videos collection of yours.


So, are you still not thinking about installing any of such apps? Well, enhance your experience today.