Now these days, internet is flooded with different kinds of security threats. Most people have heard about the internet threats and perhaps due to ignorance do not take any precaution to protect their computers. The internet is used to collect, distribute, store vital information as well as it is used for entertainment, e-commerce and many other different activities. There are various companies, organizations and individuals which make their investment on the internet. Hence, the need to employ measures to deal with the internet security threats has become important.


Security concerns continue to grow and they demand greater attention from all parties involved. The last year has seen the identification of various malware which have actually baffled the security world owing to its nature of complexity and severity. Malware like stuxnet and other popular malware which has hit the Middle East have just opened a different chapter for penetration testing companies in Dubai and other middle countries. The new chapter which these malware opened was that of state backed cyber attacks and cyber espionage. These threats were very complex and their capabilities were phenomenal in the manner in which they could damage and steal data, therefore, penetration testing companies have to think innovative ways to tackle these complex threats.

Let us explore the kinds of threats of internet and measures to take when on the internet. One of the most important facets of security will be those based on the collection of personal data, financial data and other sensitive data. Online businesses need to have pre defined protocols so as to govern the handling and security of all the sensitive data as well as infrastructure which includes the network computers and all hardware deemed necessary for the data collection and handling.

Other security aspect is the interactions of clients and servers especially where the information access is to be restricted. The deployment of measures such as the socket layered security and encryption come in handy here. Basically, the major aspects of security including virus detection, malware and the deployment of internet firewall should be tackled.

Whatever be the type of security attack or internet security threat, it is essential that there are systems in place to take care of these security threats. In order to begin development of a cyber security plan, all the latest Internet threats must be understood. Security threats are spread through password cracking, social engineering, port scanners, denial of service attacks and many other forms. The measures to mitigate these unfortunate incidences are through effective web application security as well as web development best practices which involvepenetration testing experts that identify all the loopholes and appropriately seal them so as to avoid cyber attacks. Further, encryption,effective and strong passwords, and security measures among a full collection of web development practices used to guarantee the full protection.