How to sync music to your Apple watch?


Now, you can add playlists to the Apple watch by syncing them with your iPhone. It enables you to listen to the favourite music without any need of always carrying your iPhone with yourself. This is done by involving some iPhone parts. The option and possibility of streaming all your music from your iPhone to your apple watch are now made available. The whole process is wireless, and hence it is very convenient.

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The process of syncing is straightforward, and one can do it by following some steps.

  • The primary step is to put your apple watch on charging. At first, it will display that the sync is pending. Once it is in range and charging, it will show the successfully synced results.
  • After charging, turn the Bluetooth on in your
  • In the next step, open the watch apps on iPhone. On this tab, tap the watch tab.
  • After choosing tap music, want the ‘add music’ setting.
  • Now choose the music that you want to sync on your watch. If the additional settings are automatically adjusted, then it is simple to turn the playlist on or off. This makes it easy for some music to get added automatically to the apple watch.
  • Sometimes, you might not be able to add some playlists to the watch. In such cases, you should try to download the songs to your iPhone and then start the syncing process.
  • You can also add a particular type of playlist to your watch, say if you want a playlist exclusively for your gym then, in that case, open the apple watch app on your iPhone and tap the tab for my watch which lies at the bottom of the screen. Search the tab for the gym by scrolling and then tap on that playlist which will be automatically played whenever you go to the gym if you are not listening to any other music.
  • Ultimately you can turn off the auto-launch audio apps on your watch as it is a bit bothering when the ‘now playing’ automatically opens by default.

How to sync music to your Apple watch? 1

Image Source: Pinterest.

By following these simple steps, your watch will get successfully synced to your iPhone which will enable you to stay tension free about carrying your phone everywhere you go. It becomes cumbersome to carry the iPhone sometimes when you go on tracking or for workouts. If you are on your phone during your exercise, you will not feel free or focused.

S, in these cases when you pick an apple watch equipped with some iPhone parts like the Bluetooth earphones, it will give you free hands and will let you enjoy your workout with your favourite playlist. Also, once after syncing any particular music to the watch, you can always remove them easily by swiping left on them and can add the latest or the desirable ones from time to time.