Be A Part of Assassins Legacy


Ironically, the game which is set somewhere in Ancient Greece, Assassins Creed is undoubtedly incredible. The game is a lot of things but not Spartan. From role-playing to the action, the game has revolutionized the deadly games series. As you download the Assassins Creed Odyssey free from Install Game platform, you will take a step to begin a grand adventure. The magnificent game will take you to a beautiful and open world where everything is fair.

To install the game, you will need to fulfill the requirements:

  • Recommended OS requirements are Windows 10 64-bit
  • CPU requirement is Core i7-3770 4-Core 3.4 GHz, FX-8350
  • Recommended 8GB of RAM
  • GeForce GTX760, Radeon R9 280X Graphic Card
  • Disk Space of 50 GB and sound card

The game continues the story of Kassandra who is ready to settle down as a housewife and mother. In the Shadow Heritage chapter, you will learn that the gameplay is at odds with her story till date. The game begins 2400 years ago at the onset of a war. During that time, Athens and Sparta were struggling for dominion over the Ancient Greek. Thus, the period is fit to explore the social and political warfare of land and sea. Along with this, it is a story of myths and legends.

But it is not just Kassandra’s character which is common. You will find an option to play as Alexios or Kassandra. Even though the storyline of both characters are somehow very similar but superficially there is a meaningful difference that you will learn in the game.

Both the protagonist of the game is the most flexible character. They have a personality of assassin and mercenary yet have a conscious mind. You can customize the character as you like and the game will continue accordingly. You can choose to be a one-track mind horn dog, a ruthless murdering psychopath, or a mercenary with conscious. Your choices will subsequent consequences in the game.

The game continues the Origins combat tools, free-flowing dance, light, and heavy attacks, and much more. The weapons which were included in the previous version still exist but are modified to be more graceful. It includes the swords, daggers, maces, spears, axes, staves, etc. You can pick a fight with other just for fun and enjoy it. The battle against the Improbable Gods is the most interesting ones. You can Continue Reading about the game from the main website.

As the game is already so popular, the staggering amount of equipment, upgrades, and powerful perks make it more interesting. The Odyssey version smartly offers you the chance of upgrading the old game to a whole new gear. Moreover, as the leveling of the game is also seamless, you will have a hassle-free experience of downloading and installing the game.

With Install Game platform, you can directly download the games without any additional charges. You have a systematic choice to make, so ensure that make the best out of the opportunity.