Things to Consider When Buying a Newer Vacuum Model

Newer Vacuum Model

Modern technology has contributed greatly in helping vacuums receive their fair share of innovations allowing them to sport a number of features that was once not thought possible. Newer models are introduced to the market regularly with beefier specs and settings. This however, can be both a blessing and a curse especially for newcomers and inexperienced shoppers. Let us guide you through the buying process of vacuum cleaners.

Newer Does Not Necessarily Mean Better

As mentioned earlier, vacuum cleaners receive new iterations of their previous models from time to time. This however, does not mean that you have to go to the nearest store to get the latest models. Newer versions of vacuum models don’t necessarily mean that they are better in every aspect. Some old models have features that are not present with the new ones making it necessary to review the information before deciding your purchase.

Are the New Features Worth the Cost?

Having new features does indeed feel very exciting with your vacuum purchase. With that being said, it is important to note that these features oftenbringsan added cost making them more expensive as a result. A good example of this is with the comparison between the Dyson V8 vs V10 both models come from the same reputable manufacturer with a few extra tweaks to help set them apart from each other. A good example of this is their motor with the Dyson V10 being the stronger one out of the two.

Battery life is also something in which Dyson V10 leads over their predecessor with it having 60 minutes of running time compared to the 40 minutes of the Dyson V8. Another thing to note is that the charging time has also drastically reduced with the newer model with the Dyson V10 only requiring 3.5 hours to fully charge. On the other hand, the Dyson V8 has 5 hours charging making wait times a bit longer. With that being said, some find the battery life and charge time to be miniscule features that are not worth the extra money.

The Internet is Your Friend

One of the best ways of helping you find the ideal vacuum cleaner is by looking the models that you are interested in over the internet. You can search their features and specification while at the same time, have the added bonus of being able to read customer feedback and reviews about the product. Reviews coming from previous owners often provide weight with their words especially since these individuals have firsthand experience with the product. These can help give their readers a good amount of overview on what to expect with regards to the overall quality of the vacuum cleaner.